he mission of Serenity Healthcare Billing is to increase the office productivity, reimbursement and revenue of our clients. We deliver the most comprehensive client centered practice management solution to our healthcare providers through our experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff; and our industry leading "customizable" software applications. Our personalized customer focused approach sets us apart from all other service providers in the industry. We provide our clients with the serenity and assurance to focus on their most precious asset to their practice - the patients to whom they carefully deliver care.



From managing patient visits, dealing with reschedules, sorting and updating medical charts, and struggling with the on-going demands of insurance carriers, plus keeping a handle on billing and accounts receivable, your average day is anything but average.

What if there was a way to simplify the entire process – a way for you to deliver the exceptional patient care you desire and stay ahead of the documentation and billing machine?

There is!  It’s called Serenity Healthcare Billing Services. We’re here to take the struggle out of your day. We’ll remove the hassles that plague your back-office management, streamlining it perfectly.


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