Our Services Include:

  • We provide comprehensive patient billing, insurance claims processing, and accounts receivable management.
  • We file insurance claims electronically after every submitted superbill batch.
  • We bill secondary and tertiary carriers.
  • We send out patient statements on behalf of your practice.
  • We file appeals and resubmit corrected denials.
  • We maximize collections through phone calls and pre-collection letters.
  • We provide you with monthly production reports, collection reports, aged accounts receivable reports, patient reports, custom reports as requested and real time access to your billing account.
  • Each provider is given a dedicated billing specialist to serve as a single point of contact.


Your personalized billing specialist, in accordance with CPT and ICD-10 coding and billing guidelines will ensure your super bills are prepared and submitted electronically to insurance
carries for quick and accurate reimbursement.

Medical Insurance Claim Reimbursement Management

We prepare and submit your coded claims to the insurance companies for quick, efficient reimbursement, real time eligibility checks on all patients, double- and triple-checking for accuracy and insuring the least amount of denied claims … less than 1%. Best of all, you’ll have real-time access to all of your billing and collection information whenever you want it!

Practice Management Tools

We provide you with tools that allow you to manage your patient flow and keep track of your daily operations, streamlining your office and removing the hassles from your day. From patient scheduling to accounts receivable and everything in-between, we put the entire process literally at your fingertips!

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Through our EHR solution, your practice will eliminate the paper record nightmare from your office, freeing up valuable office space and allowing you easy and efficient access to all of your patients medical records whenever and wherever you need them – literally, 24 hours a day from any computer and/or mobile device with standard broadband internet access. Since all of your records are kept on cloud based, highly secured and encrypted, HIPAA compliant servers, you never have to worry about purchasing or maintaining server/database equipment or experiencing the nightmare of a system failure – that is a guaranteed promise. More importantly, you can rest assured that all of your patient records are standardized, streamlined, and secure. No more lost, misfiled, or disorganized records!


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